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My take on Donal Skehan’s vodka penne.
I added mushrooms and peas, substituted the heavy cream with nonfat Greek yogurt and boiled, seasoned and puréed some uncooked canned tomatoes (I didn’t have any tomato sauce on hand). Served with my garlic bread.
My Italian (-American) boyfriend was impressed. Success!


Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

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It’s fall!

My mom is actually the best. She sends me care packages with real meals and tea. And no, it doesn’t go bad because she cans everything.


Fish tacos and shrimpy entrees surrounded by fairy lights outside. Pretty great dinner.

Met my favorite person on YouTube today! Still in awe.

Still kind of sick, in sweats, and doing my homework like a good college kid.

Lunch today. The tomato soup I made, leftover ricotta truffle chive gnocchi from a lovely dinner last night, and bread from a great bakery by me. Yummm.

[I forget the artist]

Jeff Koons at The Whitney Museum.

Hello, boyfriend.

The best

Day out in the Muir Beach/Muir Woods area.

After years of begging my mom finally bought me these adorable liquor-filled chocolates!